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B2B EV Locations 1.0.0

About the API


Shell EV Locations API provides an overview of our network of charging stations across Europe with address, charging operator, charging time, available amenities and much more. Using these APIs allows drivers to see how easy it is to plan an itinerary via available charging stations with advice on charging time and costs. 

Why use it? 

Provide your users with up to date station info, dynamic status, reviews and live availability of over 250,000 charging points across Europe. All built on top of our powerful API platform.

  • Allow users to be able to better estimate the time and cost of their charge. 
  • 99% availability across the charging network. 
  • Make sure your customers no longer have any range anxiety, through better planning. 
  • Over 250,000 charging stations across Europe. 
  • Give users a real time status update of charger availability.

About us

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