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Shell Lubricants API v1

About the API


The Create Order API is a REST-based service, which allows clients to initiate a request to create an order in GSAP systems and CX systems. The create order API endpoint accepts JSON encoded request body and returns JSON encoded response, giving the suitable status of Success or Failure. It uses standard HTTP response codes and authentications.

We can test the create order API through the Mocking service available on the right-hand side of the specifications. Mocking service will allow us to test the API without affecting any live data unless we select life and use production API credentials.

Create order API uses POST method to submit the JSON request body with valid Authorization.

Why use it? 

This API allows us to create an order in GSAP systems, which can be later updated via update order API. Also, with COV APIs, orders info can be retrieved back to the calling systems.

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