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Station Locator 1.0.2

About the API


The Shell Station Locator APIs allow you to access location and amenities for Shell stations around the world. This API is here to allow you to gain access to all Shells Stations across the globe. 

Why use it?

This set of APIs will allow you to better plan trips with upto date data on distances, real-time traffic data with exact Geocode locations. 

  • Set efficient routes for lower costs
  • Faster routes for drivers 
  • Better planning of routes
  • Real-time traffic information 
  • Exact Geocode locations 
  • Flexible pricing 

Distance Matrix API returns the route duration and the distance to show you the fastest route between two selected points. 

About us

The Shell Developer Portal is here to support partners to onboard to Shell APIs, the portal is here to take ideas to production


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