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Deliver travel times and distances for one or more locations

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Leverage real time traffic data using the Distance and Directions Matrix API to maximize efficiencies for goods delivery.


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Station Locator API
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Efficient routes for lower costs

Planned trips for up to date data on distances between points

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Faster routes for drivers

Ability to choose faster routes, reroute based on real-time traffic data

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Better planning

Use predictive modeling to better plan routes to be more efficient for drivers reducing late pickups or deliveries

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Real-time traffic

API offers services that allow you to route based on all factors that impact drivers 

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Geocode exact locations

Reduce the margin of error and get exact locations

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Flexible pricing

Differing packages and prices to meet your companies needs

About this use case

Distance Matrix API

Distance Matrix API returns the route duration and the distance to show you the fastest route between two selected points.

More information

Making the life of a driver easier

Drivers looking to get to a destination at an exact time, being able to reach their pickup or drop off location is critical. Using the Distance Matrix API the routes can be selected using the minimum amount of time



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