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Manage Fleet Cards within your system

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With integrated data you can set rules, make changes and access key information in your own system with ease, allowing you to fully automate Shell Cards in sync with key events linked to your driver and vehicle.


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Card Management
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Access Shell Card Data

Instant access to full details and every attribute for single or multiple Shell Cards, including vehicle registration, driver name, expiry date, current statuses and more.

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Block or unblock cards instantly

Perform real-time, reversible card blocking and unblocking.

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Order new Cards

Place orders for single or multiple cards, with the option to select PIN.

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Status updates for cards

Retrieve details such as PAN for newly ordered Shell cards.

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Move cards between groups

Move single or multiple cards between defined card groups.

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Get PIN reminders

Request for PIN reminders via API for Shell cards.

About this use case

Seamless integration to unlock maximum efficiency

Access to a full suite of features to manage your Shell Cards. From searching or syncing with the latest Shell Card data to ordering or blocking cards in real-time

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Why use Card Management?

The Shell Card Management APIs allow you to integrate Shell card data into your back-end/fleet management system, your website or app.




Increase operation efficiency via process automation

Direct synchronization of card data between any corporate IT system and Shell Card issuing platform. Keeping on top on every detail, such as card expiry date & new PAN for every new card

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APIs needed

B2B Mobility Card Management

The Shell Card Management API is REST-based and employs OAUTH 2.0,Basic and ApiKey authentication...

API Documentation

B2B Mobility Customer Data

This is a RESTful API and allows querying customer account details and card groups. It allows the...

API Documentation

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