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Shell Mobility Systems

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Combine technology, people and infrastructure to optimize your operations and logistics.

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Pick up and drop vehicles to and from required customer locations. Our operatives are trained to explain and demonstrate available vehicles to your end customer.

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Whether a request by the end user or a routine clean is needed, Shell Mobility Systems will collect, clean, and return your vehicle.

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If a vehicle is needed somewhere else, Shell Mobility Systems will pick it up and take it to wherever it is needed.

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Shell Mobility Systems will arrange to have your fleet of vehicles moved to where they are needed next.

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When a vehicle needs refuelling or recharging, Shell Mobility Systems can arrange for it to be picked up, refuelled or recharged and dropped back, seamlessly and simply.

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Maintain your fleet for optimal up time. Operatives can either be scheduled to perform small repairs on site or to pick up a vehicle and take it off site for more major repairs.

About this use case

Vehicle Subscription: Get your vehicles where they need to be

SMS offers a seamless process for vehicle delivery and maintenance backed by Shell’s expertise in customer service excellence and a digital platform where you can gain invaluable data insights into vehicle usage, tailored to what you want to know.

Our consistent, high quality service has been developed to meet the specific needs of the mobility sector, optimising vehicle movements in a way that ensures your customer’s expectations are met and exceeded at every touch point.

With bespoke software designed to increase the efficiency of your fleet and ensure maximum fleet availability, our one point of contact infrastructure solution keeps you one step ahead of demand and can be tailored to your specific needs. Shell Mobility Systems delivers a full range of on-street services through one digital platform.

Car Sharing: Optimize your fleet for maximum availability

Shell Mobility Systems aims to maximise the efficiency and uptime of your fleet through relocation of vehicles.  Using Shell’s extensive network of locations where possible, allows for quick, efficient vehicle refuelling or charging; preparing vehicles for your next customer.  Set for scale, from one city to the next, from one country to the next, Shell Mobility Systems grows with you.

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Shell Mobility Systems

Shell Mobility Systems (SMS) allows you to send and receive all the mobility tasks, data, and...

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