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Transaction Data straight into your mobility system

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Access to comprehensive transaction data performed via Shell Card from Shell and affiliated sites, on-the-road services and more. Query, search, filter or download data, Fleet Transaction Data API integrates directly into your corporate IT system.


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Transaction data
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Comprehensive data

Access to full details of transaction data which includes detailed breakdowns of products spent on, location, driver or vehicle details, discount info, tax info, invoicing status and more.

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Cut down on admin

Fleet transaction data is available 24/7 for any search, query or download.

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Instant availability of data

Transaction data is available through the Fleet Transaction Data API as soon as it is posted to our payment processing system.

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Flexible search criteria

Search for specific transaction(s) via VRN, cardholder(s), specific payers/accounts, invoice number, country or location where transaction(s) is performed and more.

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Search for relevant transactions

Transaction(s) can also be filtered based on invoice numbers or statuses, or whether transaction(s) have been processed or posted.

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Integrated reporting at driver level

Quickly spot erratic spending behavior by your fleet drivers such as filling up too often or making transactions outside of the agreed route or fuel stations.

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Automated transaction data feeding into your corporate IT system

Create query-based searches when you need it. Automate the transaction data feed via API integration directly into your corporate ERP system or any other systems you choose

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How this works

Priced transactions are the Shell fuel card transactions completed by a customer. The transactions can be invoiced or un-invoiced and are of type sales item or fee item.

There are two endpoints that return priced transaction details. The endpoints /transaction/pricedtransactions and /transaction/pricedtransactionssummary both take the exact same inputparameters as specified in the API specification. The difference is in the data returned.

The /transaction/pricedtransactionssummary endpoint returns a summary of transactions by product and the location of the transaction. The /transaction/pricedtransactions endpoint returns the detailed information about each transaction and supports pagination.

This is use case for how searching for priced transactions in the Shell Card Platform works.

White label applications

Track & analyze drivers’ spending with Shell Card

Quickly spot erratic spending behaviour by your fleet drivers such as filling up too often or making transactions outside of the agreed route or fuel stations


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