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B2B Mobility Card Pin Management 1.0.12

The code libraries for the Shell Fleet Card ePin Encryption process can be downloaded here. Please select the language and download the code library.

Recommendations for PIN Format:

  1. PIN length should be minimum of 4-digit length
  2. PIN format should be in positive numbers (0-9)
  3. PIN should not contain many duplicate values (ex: 1222, 0000)
  4. PIN should not be predictable numbers (Ex: 4433 ,1133,1212,6969)
  5. PIN should not be sequence of numbers (EX: 1234, 6789)
  6. PIN should not be keypad predictable pattern (Ex: 1379,2580,0852)
  7. PIN should not be like birth year or birth date (Ex: 1988)
  8. PIN should not be commonly used PIN numbers (Ex: 1004, 200-1)


Download (for Java)
Download (for JavaScript)
Download (for C#)

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