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Build your own customised apps using Shell APIs, which give you access to our unique data and tools.


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With a range of APIs and packages to suit your needs, the Shell Developer Portal is here to help drive your digital journey.

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About the portal

The API portal is here to enable your API journey, ensure your business is better able to digitize customer experiences. Our Portal showcases a wide range of APIs, use-cases, case studies and means you can innovate for the future. 

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Take a look at our get started guides for more information and the steps you need to be able to onboard onto the Shell API program.

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Getting started

Fear not! You don’t need to engage in never ending registration procedures to use the Serenity Project APIs. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to have an API key. You need to:

  • Register on our portal with a username and an email.
  • Find APIs that meet your business use case.
  • Reach out to our API specialist team.


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B2B EV Locations

This API Product provides the list of all the Shell Recharge location. The list includes all Shell...

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About this portal

Full suite of APIs

Take advantage of the wide range of APIs Shell has to offer to build better user experiences, automate processes and innovate. From EV to Payments, from Locations to Loyalty take advantage of the wide suite of services. 


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Use Cases

From payment to pricing, from location to loyalty, use our free library of APIs to create and test your ideas. To go live, get all the access you need at reasonable rates.

The purpose of this portal is to make it easier for developers to pull astronomical data provided by the Serenity Project to their applications through well-documented APIs.


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Check the frequently asked questions or send us an email through and one of our API team will be able to help.

About us

The Shell Developer Portal is here to support partners to onboard to Shell APIs, the portal is here to take ideas to production


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