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Help users find the perfect EV station

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Give your users up-to-date station info, dynamic status and live availability of over 300,000 charging point across Europe. All via the powerful, easy-to-use, Shell EV Location API.


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Large charging network

With over 300,000 stations in Europe, you’re never far from your next charge.

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Real-time status

No wasted journeys to stations that become unavailable.

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Reliable service

99% availability across the network. 

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No more range anxiety

No matter how long your journey, you can plan your charges in advance. 

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Station amenities

If you want to grab a coffee, or connect to wifi, you'll know which stations offer this.

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Charging speeds and pricing

Estimate the time and cost of your charge.

About this use case

Live network data

Access information about all Locations, EVSes and connectors that the Shell Recharge Solutions (and vMSP partner) token holders and or App users can use to charge their Electric Vehicle including the Shell Recharge Solutions network itself, plus all locations available through roaming partners. 

Find static data such as address, coordinates, power settings, as well as up-to-date status information, so drivers can easily navigate to the nearest available, compatible location. 

More information

Find your ideal charging station

Provide your users with the right station data to help find their next charge. Extend default station data with live availability, estimated charge cost, connector types, amenities and services. 

  • OCPI compliant
  • Amenities 
  • Pricing
  • User reviews

Integrate mapping into your app

Ready-made apps help your users locate suitable charging stations and plan their trips accordingly. Integrating with the EV Locations API means you can develop feature rich applications through Shell APIs. 


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APIs needed

B2B EV Locations

This API Product provides the list of all the Shell Recharge location. The list includes all Shell...

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