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Enable SmartPay at Shell Sites

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Allows digitalization of your Shell Fuel card and payment for fuel on Shell sites directly on the forecourt in a secure way via your mobile app, car infotainment or truck board computer.


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Pay for fuel on the forecourt

Pay for fuel inside the vehicle meaning no need to queue.

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Digitalize the Shell Fuel Card

Create a digital version of the Shell fuel card and link it with your driver, car or onboard computer.

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Allow fuel only products

Only nozzle with allowed fuel product is released for fueling, others remain locked.

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Site searching

Station Locator API allows drivers to find the Shell site they need.

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Payments are tokenized, with pre-authorization and supports all security features of your Shell fuel card, e.g. velocity limits and site restrictions.

Digital mobile reciept

Digital receipts

Transaction details delivered in real time.

About this use case

Making the life of a driver easier

Integrating your application with Shell SmartPay API means drivers can easily pay for fuel via a mobile device at Shell stations. 

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Shell SmartPay in your application

Enable Shell SmartPay in your mobile application for your customers or drivers. Driver will be able to pay in digital way, always online, getting transaction details in real time!




Limit your fuel fraud

Shell SmartPay allows you to use all the latest security features of our Shell Fuel Card like fuel product restrictions, Site Restrictions, entry of Odometer, Fleet ID validation, Volume velocities etc. When fuel product restrictions are set for your fuel card, our digital payment solution unlocks only nozzles with given fuel. Other nozzles remains locked and cannot be used for fueling. You can limit fraud in this way or eliminate accidental use of wrong fuel product.


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